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The Company

Amesis Ltd. provides a variety of training, consultancy and technical services for it's clients.

We pride ourselves on being able to produce bespoke products, tailored to the individual needs of our clients, at costs which are affordable to all organisations regardless of size.

Working with our Associates we have the skills and knowledge available to help your business succeed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a long history of working with the voluntary sector and harnessing the opportunities that this offers to develop and run working CSR policies for companies.

Working with a large multi-national corporation, we have managed and supported a highly successful delivery of an Education Programme into schools and youth organisations.

Please spend some time discovering how we can make a worthwhile difference to your business, or how we can help educational institutions to provide a meaningful link to the world of business.

Contact us for more information and to take the first step.

Internet Solutions

Our Technical Services division (Amesis Design) can provide internet solutions and websites to provide an online presence essential in this high tech age.

  • Responsive designs for all devices.
  • Secure hosting and Email
  • Designed to fit your business..

Family History Research

Full or part packages available

We do the research. You make the discoveries


Website Design and Hosting

Responsive design and secure hosting Fully managed, bespoke websites designed to represent your business and attract customers wherever they are. Professional and Affordable.


Management training and support for SME's.

Social Responsibilty

(CSR) A business model that helps a company be socially accountable — to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.

Family History Research

Bring the past to life with the stories and the facts about your ancestors.

Why choose us?

The company has a policy that demands that

'We provide real solutions that work for our clients'

Group Session

Amesis as a company, was originally formed to assist businesses, schools and community groups to develop their staff and company presence through innovative management solutions.

Our team was able to draw on the expertise that its people and Associates have gained over a number of years in the rapidly changing communications and corporate world. We have also experienced the small family run business environment and understand the issues this raises. As experienced people managers and trainers we have the skills and knowledge to enable us to help our clients succeed.

In addition many of the team have undertaken key roles and responsibilities in both National and Local Communities or Charitable organisations.

As the business grew we developed a technical section to deliver web based solutions for our clients.This is now an essential focus for the company.

We pride ourselves on being able to produce bespoke products, tailored to the individual needs of our clients, at costs which are affordable to all organisations regardless of size.

Our research into family history started as a hobby. Part of our CSR activities, as volunteers helping others with their research, developed a demand to offer a professional service.

Company Ethos

Putting communities and customers first brings its rewards. Providing practical and sustainable solutions fit for todays world.

Our Clients

We value all of our clients and want to grow together with them now and in the future. A new client is not just for Christmas.


A business cannot exist in isolation. Involvement and engagement with communities is key to success.






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Hard Workers

Call To Action

Promote your business today with a new website

Social Responsibily

“Today, corporate social responsibility goes far beyond the old philanthropy of the past – donating money to good causes at the end of the financial year – and is instead an all year round responsibility that companies accept for the environment around them, for the best working practices, for their engagement in their local communities and for their recognition that brand names depend not only on quality, price and uniqueness but on how, cumulatively, they interact with companies’ workforce, community and environment. Now we need to move towards a challenging measure of corporate responsibility, where we judge results not just by the input but by its outcomes: the difference we make to the world in which we live, and the contribution we make to poverty reduction.” Gordon Brown


Want access to superb training materials, developed with teachers, which link into the National Curriculum? .

Want to establish links with business ?

  • We have been working successfully with schools for the past 12 years. Supporting and working with volunteers from industry to work in schools with astonishing success.

  • Helping pupils through transitional stages of school life, Primary/secondary, through the Communication skills for Young Citizens programme.

Volunteers from Industry who have been trained by professionals and understand their boundaries and responsibilities and are familiar with school policies.

The use of tried and tested communications skills products. These are based on a model used successfully in business to help develop talking, listening, influencing and assertiveness skills, and which help build self awareness and self confidence. They also have very clear links into the Citizenship Agenda.

Internet Pricing

Prices for website design start at just £243.00

Our excellent value package option includes bespoke design, first year hosting, SEO, and a monthly support package for just £367.00

Annual Hosting Fee all packages £115 per annum

Full Domain registration and management

£243Single Payment

Design Only Plan

  • Responsive bespoke designs
  • Dedicated Email address
  • Self Build option available
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£365First Year Inclusive

Enhanced Package Plan

  • Responsive bespoke designs
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Visitor statistics
  • Bronze monthly updates package
  • Affordable annual hosting charges £115pa
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£425First Year Inclusive

Online Shopping Cart Plan

  • Comprehensive X-Cart Shopping Cart
  • Responsive bespoke designs
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Visitor statistics
  • Bronze monthly updates package
  • Affordable annual hosting charges £115pa
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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Terms

  • £100 deposit on commission outstanding balance payable on completion.

  • All of our hosting packages come with an allowance for monthly updates/changes. Extra support options are available for clients requiring more frequent changes.

  • Our primary activities are in the education sector. We provide training and support for your people including DBS checks. We also have links to a number of volunteer organisations that would welcome support.

  • We do not operate a standard program of events. Training should be based on your company needs rather than generic offerings. Both In-house or Residential courses can be run.

  • We use a variety of online resouces, Family History Society records, Parish records, The Society of Genealogists Library and General Record Office Records to trace your ancestors. Adding whenever possible newspaper reports, photographs and stories to bring your history to life. Presented in a smart hardbacked folder to enable you to add further records.