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In today's highly competitive and high tech world, an Internet presence is an essential component of any marketing campaign

In a tough economic climate, the temptation is to cut back on what you're spending on marketing and advertising. It's only natural - these will always look like "soft" budgets compared to other parts of your business.

But if you want to survive and be in the right position to profit when the recession recedes, maintaining your marketing budget could be a crucial factor. A MORI survey of 40,000 people cited in the classic book "Ogilvy on Advertising" found that those who maintained their advertising spend in tough times gained market share - and thus were in the best position to profit when things picked up.

Maintaining your spend doesn't mean that you should just carry on doing the same things regardless of what's happening in the wider economy. In fact, now is a good time to re-evaluate how you market your company and its products. Can you use new media to market more effectively? Should you be advertising more online, and less in print - or is print the best way to reach your customers?

Whatever you decide it is a fact that the internet is now a major factor, with over 52% of consumers looking online for suppliers, services and products prior to making a commitment to spend. A web presence is essential. For many businesses, an online entry can provide an opportunity to showcase products and services and help establish that all important first contact. As the economy tightens more people are looking for local resources to meet their needs. It has been predicted, by a number of sources, that more people will be taking their holidays within the UK during this period of uncertain exchange rates. This will also open up new opportunities to attract business due to the increase in visitors to an area.

Amesis Ltd has introduced a number of geographic sites offering clients a low cost options to increase their visibility on the Internet. In addition our technical team can design and create bespoke websites that meet the specific needs of your business

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