Canal restoration volunteers

CSR makes good business sense

“Today, corporate social responsibility goes far beyond the old philanthropy of the past – donating money to good causes at the end of the financial year – and is instead an all year round responsibility that companies accept for the environment around them, for the best working practices, for their engagement in their local communities and for their recognition that brand names depend not only on quality, price and uniqueness but on how, cumulatively, they interact with companies’ workforce, community and environment. Now we need to move towards a challenging measure of corporate responsibility, where we judge results not just by the input but by its outcomes: the difference we make to the world in which we live, and the contribution we make to poverty reduction.” Gordon Brown

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just for big corporate organisations, it’s successful for all businesses, including Small to Medium Enterprises. It has been well established that involving employees as 'volunteers in the community' is a very cost effective method of delivering part of a CSR policy.

BricklayingSuch opportunities benefit all parties. The volunteer receives additional training and personal development by undertaking new experiences and networking with others. The resulting "feel good" factor and newly acquired skills, often results in increased productivity and renewed company loyalty. Positive brand awareness is raised in the community by being seen to contribute.

Many of our team have undertaken key roles and responsibilities in both National and Local Community or Charitable organisations. We have also been actively engaged in supporting and running CSR programmes for our clients. This experience and the resultant connections, place us in an ideal situation to act as link between corporate programmes and volunteer involvement.

If you want help in developing or running a CSR policy please contact us.